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The goals of the Elkhorn Junior Golf Program are to establish a junior golf program that stimulates interest in golf from the youth of the greater Stockton and Lodi areas. Through involvement in the program, participants will learn sportsmanship, etiquette, the rules of golf, and experience competition in a fun and proactive environment. Most will improve their golfing ability; all will be given the opportunity to learn a sport that is based on Honor, Integrity, and History.

Dress Code for Juniors/Adults:


Examples of acceptable attire for male golfers: pullover or button-down collared golf shirts, mock turtlenecks shirts, slacks, shorts with a 5” inseam length and hemmed or knickers. Full-sleeve crewneck sweaters or sweatshirts and leisure tops are acceptable.
Examples of unacceptable attire: Any cutoff shorts of any kind, bathing trunks, jogging or racing trunks, tank tops, bare chests and underwear type tee-shirts.


Female Golfers should also be clothed in the following acceptable fashions:
blouses, slacks, shorts or skirts, with a 5” inseam and hemmed.
Examples of unacceptable attire:
Any cutoff shorts of any kind, short shorts (less than a 5” inseam, spaghetti straps, tank or halter tops, bare backs, chests, and midriffs, mesh tops, running shorts and swimming attire. Halter-tops, having straps less than 1” wide and sleeveless opening greater than 6” are not allowed.
Note: Golf hats are encouraged to be worn properly, forward on the head, not backward or sideways.

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